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Top Ten Talk Tips!

How Your Announcer Can Help Maximize Your Event.

A Good Announcers will…

#10 Brand The Event
Your announcer contributes a great deal to the tone of the event.

#9 Present Clear Information
Assume every participant is a first timer

#8 Know the Course
Drive it, Run it, Know it

#7 Take advantage of a good PA
Using Megaphone says a lot – none of it good…

#6 Embrace the Cause
Wear the gear, know the stats, talk the talk.

#5 Be in Control
Good announcers can keep things on schedule if allowed to.

#4 Be Positive
Deal with curveballs. They will happen

#3 Recognize individuals
Call out names and find the stories

#2 Respect your turnout
They are there to have fun. Let them.

Celebrate the Little Things

Race directors are heroes. You're working hard to create opportunities for folks to achieve goals. Get the right announcer and your event will be that much better.